Saint Malo

St. Malo





Mordreuc beach

view of the port of mordreuc

Brittany has long been a favourite holiday destination with a variety of activities and attractions to please all generations. From endless beaches and granite coastline to quaint towns, forts and chateaus, the Côtes-d’Armor region has something for everyone. Gastronomically, the area is famous for its seafood (oysters and mussels in particular), cider, galette (buckwheat crepes) and traditional Breton beer.

Nestled in the Rance Valley, Pleudihen-sur-Rance is a peaceful and tranquil place where “the plough and the Doris are a stone’s throw” said Chateaubriand, a famous French writer.  The ploughs, although no longer horsedrawn are still very much in evidence in this agricultural landscape as are the much-loved Doris, traditional rowing boats used by local fisherman for cod-fishing in Newfoundland.  The Rance is a tidal river with a very large tidal range (up to an impressive 13m). The views are of both the river and the surrounding countryside are everchanging.

Enjoy the beach at Mordreuc, go hiking in Val Hervelin or take the trails by foot or bike that lead to La Rance. Visit the Moulin du Pratt – the only working mill on the Rance. The Rance Valley has long been known for its variety of apples and the quality of its cider, so take the time to visit the cider museum where you will see the traditional methods of cider-making and taste their ciders. Later, head to the Val de Rance, our local cider producer, in the heart of Pleudihen to stock up on cider to eat with galettes and crepe – traditional Breton fare. Try the Breton beers made at our local boutique brasserie, Cul de Paumelle, or the cheeses and other goats’ milk products from the Chevrerie des Bords de Rance just around the corner from the gîtes.

Within 15 minutes to 1 hour you’ll find many wonderful places to visit and activities to fill your days …. miles of spectacular coastline, castles, picturesque villages, buzzing markets, local festivals, St Malo, Dinan, Dinard, Mont Saint Michel, Fort La Latte, Cap Frehel, Cancale, Rennes,. Whatever your interests, there’s plenty to see.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont Saint-Michel

Fort la Latte

Le Fort National

Le Fort National Saint Malo

The Emerald coast beaches

La Côte d'Emeraude